We are able to recondition the series MK I and MK II of the range 1 – 6

Our work includes

Substitution of screws for pumping groups size 1,2,and 3 MK I and MK II
Sandblasting and dimensional controls for size 4, 5, and 6.
Cylinder sandblasting
Coating for screws and cylinders.
Replacing elements with the substitution of the bearings radial/thrust of the seals and gaskets. Substitution of used springs
Substitution of used gears
Substitution of the bilance membrane
Test of the compressor

Painting with our special coating teflon RS and drying.
Assembling of the coated screws to the internal part of cylinder of the pumping group.
Our workshops carry out a process of reconditioning from “zero” hours of the Z screw rotors or cams also applying new screws.