In collaboration with the builder of the machine of the sector we suggest the management of fleet maintenance of volumetric centrfiugue.

  • Realization of lines of compressed air and eventual intervention on the existing circuit.
  • SPM surveys on the bearings of the rotor machines to verify the condition of wearing when in cases can be in such bad repair to stop the machine.
  • Calculate the cost of power used for the machines with an aim to save on energy.

Finally our proposal should adhere to the following phases:

  • First a visit by one of our technicians to ascertain with your staff the condition of the machine.
  • Negotiate an agreement to decide on an annual intervention of maintenance depending on the machine, including supply of spare parts and cost of manpower
  • Extra intervention of maintenance according to your request.
  • Project and supplies “key in hand” skid air production and treatment.
  • Service for Italy and abroad.

Pump Groups

  • Revision on single and multistage centrifugal pumps submerged, piston pumps of high and low pressure, and diaphragm pumps..
  • Specialized technicians for intervention on pumping of rules
  • Revamping skid process
  • Revamping oil free compressors and lubrificants.