The RIEM SERVICE, with its tecnnicians, build plants of distribution lines for air compressor or other fluids with a system of aluminium hollow bar that functions swiftly and safely.

Thanks to the plates and output blocks that rapidly work it is possible at any moment to modify, enlarge or modify the system quickly and safely..

The joins between the various bars is obtained by straight joints and joints at L and T whose held conditions are guaranteed by gasket O rings.


  • Aluminium material extruded anodized, which enables the total absence of erosion in time.
  • The quality of the inner surface of this tube assures a durabilty in time, and what’s more, ensures a free passage of fluid, improving performance in terms of lead and a reduction of pressure drop in respect to the traditional galvanized zinc tube.
  • Thanks to the instantaneous connections of the components and to the lightness of aluminium, it can be installed 7 times more rapidly than a network in galvanized steel, and therefore there is a great reduction in cost.
  • Facility of modification or enlarging with the possibility to add output.
  • The fixing system is very flexible consenting to every existing type of suspension.