La RIEM Service is able to carry out any standard or extraordinary maintenance on any type of lubricated screw compressor and/or pistons manufactured in or out of Italy.

We are able to supply original spare parts of any type.

Our technicians are highly qualified with many years of experience and are therefore able to deal with any mechanical or electrical problem on any type of compressor.

We offer a 24 hour assistance..

We offer maintenance contracts in accordance with the needs of our clients

When necessary we substitute the clients compressor with one of ours for the necessary time to repair that of the client.

We revision any type of pumping screw or piston with original spare parts and with a guarantee of 12 months with the possibility of an extension to 5 years depending on the original agreement of the maintenance contract.

Our spare parts warehouse is well stocked to satisfy the needs of any client when necessary according to the maintenance contract.