Todays findings of RIEM Service with sophisticated instruments are;

SPM surveys on the bearings of the rotary machines to verify the wear and tear and with a timely intervention to avoid the eventual breakdown of the machine.

Analysis of the cost of energy, to individualize a possible saving on power.
Analysis of leak in the tubing of gas and air
Analysis with thermo camera on the electric line and the power control panel.
Analysis with instruments to discover DEW POINT


Compressor Control Unit


1.1. Casing

Casing is a steel cabin IP 55 mounted on the wall. The electric power 110 VAC or 230 VAC.

A terminal is mounted in the electric cabin to facilitate installation.

1.2. user interface

The LCD display on the left indicates the air pressure while the display on the right shows the unit of pressure.

The alfa/numeric display of two lines and 16 characters indicates different information p.e. configuration input, real time data of the compressor, pressure of the air compressed, type of logarithm of regulation, etc. ,

The instructions are transmitted to METACENTER SX through 8 buttons on the anterior part of the panel.

!2 LED integrated in this anterior part shows which compressor is charging, 4 supplementary LED indicate the existence or not of any alarm and the type of operation existing in METACEN theTER SX.

1.3. Interconnection of various compressors

1.3.1. RS-485

The compressors equipped with a control will be connected to the METACENTER SX through a channel through RS-485, using the internal software for the transmission of data through a type of telefonic cables.

1.4. Pressure reading.

Il METACENTER SX has an analogic input which is connected to a highly accurate sensor of pressure which transmits a signal from 4 to 20 mA.


2.1. Production of the required pressure.

Thanks to the highly accurate pressure sensors and to the specialized software, the METACENTER SX maintains constant pressure of the compressed air independent of the quality of air used, all with a minimum number of compressors and with a minimum quantity of energy.

If the pressure is too low other compressors will be activated , if the the result is too low the compressors will be stopped.

The order in which these commands are given to the compressors are determined by:

The category of priority they are given

By the sequence in the category of the priority depending on the algorithm of regulation.
You decide which logarithm you want to use, time rotation, FIFO (First In First Out), equal timing of function, minimum energy.
2.2. Optimization of the consumption and production of air.
When the function ENERGY SAVING is selected the compressor in use is optimized in respect to the quantity of air used..
Il METACENTER SX reduces the time in which the compressors are running on empty.

2.3. To avoid peaks in the consumption of electric power.

You decide the speed of various compressors in this way there is the guarantee that two or more machines will never be at the same speed

As the METACENTER SX is able to measure the run-on time and to understand if the motor of a compressor is running, in this manner another compressor will never start when another compressor is in the empty mode.

2.4. Flexibility load first, load last, and compressor in stand by.

Thanks to the category of priority electric power will be reduced by choosing which compressor will be loaded first and which will be loaded last. In configuration of the same capacity the compressors normally are found in the same priority of rotation and is effected on the principal of FIFO or on the basis of the number of hours the compressor is in motor

2.5. Regulation

There are different means to change the tuning, these can be found in the manual.

The tuning can be changed by the following sequences.

Maximum pressure of the compressed air.

Minimum pressure of the compressed air.

Level of alarm: maximum pressure.

Level of alarm: minimum pressure.

Time of interval of rotation.

Level of pressure in stand-by
Hours of function Ore di funzionamento compressore 1 (solo totalizzazione)
Hours of operation of compressor 2 (total only)
Hours of operation of compressor 3 (total only)
Option of the configuration of the work (electric saving ;clockwise rotation ;equal use

Thanks to the clock and calendar in real time the METACENTER SX, is able to load a table of the pressure reqired. This list guarantees an exact air pressure at the right moment. During the operation of the plant the air pressure is maintained at a normal level while it can be at a lower level during the night or weekends.

The METACENTER SX also automatically starts the compressor running before the start of the work at the plant thus avoiding a use of electric power at its peak.


All the models METACENTER SX are tried and tested with the industrial standard in force regarding electomagnetic disturbance.

We offer a product of superior quality conforming to the European standards.

– Tested for ESD: 15 kw instead of 8 kw

– Tested at transient speeds: 4 kw instead of 2 kw

– operating temperatures: from -20° C to +65° C

– Immunity electromagnetic.: better in CISPER 11 class A

– All the electronic elements are protected in a steel cabin.

– Galvanic isolation between the compressor and the METACENTER SX

Dew Point

We check the dew point with portable instruments.

SPM Control

With the latest instruments we check the condition of the bearings and the vibrations of the rotating parts.

Termal Camera

Through a device of the thermal camera we can verify the panels and electric lines of every air compressor plant.

Leak Measures

We measure the consistence of the air leak on the tubing with ultra sonic instruments.